How to Save Money Around the Holidays

Holidays look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick to your budget. Every year the increase in only holiday shopping increases, but this year it’s expected to increase by unprecedented amounts. Due to COVID-19 and statewide restrictions, many are choosing to shop online this year. Similarly, many are also facing unemployment, so holiday shopping plans may take a hit. Let’s look at some ways to save money around the holidays without sacrificing any of the fun.

Set up a holiday budget

Look for online, drive-up, or curbside shopping deals

Since many stores are encouraging shoppers to shop online, curbside, or drive-up, they are also offering special deals for those who do. Target and Walmart offer special delivery same day and two-day delivery options, with many small businesses offering discounts for supporting local. Check with your favorite stores to see what deals they are offering.

Use credit cards, but do so with caution

The big caveat to credit cards is responsible use. Never go into consumer debt with them-pay them off in full, every month. If you must carry a balance, consider a balance transfer to a 0% APR card while you pay it down. This can save anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars in interest over the course of your payment plan.

Avoid last-minute shopping

Get creative at home

It’s easy to overspend during the holidays, but these simple tips will help you stay on track.

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